September 12, 2008

Membership Warehouse Club aka COSTCO

I love costco. Love it. I even just like to say it. Costco. Kind of like in The Lion King, when the hyenas say Mufasa and start twitching. Where else can you drop a hundred bucks (or more) like it was no body's business, and then walk ten feet and have a delicious lunch/dinner? Having just returned from the giant warehouse club, it has inspired today's top five. Hold on to your pants, it's a double header.

TOP FIVE THINGS I ALWAYS BUY AT COSTCO (not counting a churro and a berry smoothie, you have to buy those it's the law):
1. Milk. Red (whole for Molly) and blue (for the rest of us).
2. Medium Cheddar Cheese. $5.29 today people. I was at Macey's yesterday and cheese was $7.99-$9.99. What a savings. You should go to costco to buy cheese alone.
3. Capri Suns. For the brown bagger of our family, and his little brother who sneaks them all the time.
4. Kirkland Baby Wipes.
5. Dino Nuggets. Not just for kids you know.

1. Whatever fun children's play thingy they have in the front of the store.
2. Dunford chocolate donuts.
3. A flat screen TV.
4. Whatever fun children's bed set they have in the middle of the store. Remember the fun pirate one?
5. The big fat package of Sharpie's with all the possible colors of the rainbow.

P.S. The Ride Leader hates (stong word, I know) Costco. What is wrong with him??? Never mind, don't answer that.


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Your list sounds like mine. We go to costco a few times a week.
It's pretty sad when your 3 year old asks to go there. We love Costco...

Heather J said...

You crack me up. But I hate the store. I swear you cant ever leave with spending less then 200 bucks. WHAT THE HECK!!!! So, for once in my life, I am with Josh. WOW!

I want to join his bike club, but do I have to own a bike???

Ines said...

My list kind of looks like yours.
1. Milk
2. Cheese
3. Strawberries(when in season)
4. Bagels
5. Multi-grain Bread (fresh at the bakery - tastes most like German bread)
As far as what I would like to buy, the list is way too long - but it would start out with that big screen TV!!

Anna D. said...

Costco is everything that I never knew I needed. I wish I could buy half the store. And I usually drop at least $150 -$200 aggh... and we wonder why our husbands cringe when they ask what did you do today..."I went to Costco."

Clark Fam said...

The 'Rider Leader' hates costco huh? you crack me up.

Blondie said...

You totally make me laugh! I honestly smile every time I see you have posted something new.

My Costco ALWAYS buys:
1. Milk
2. String cheese
3. Butter
4. Sandwich meat
5. Water Softener Salt

My Costco WANT TO buys:
1. That giant TV that greets you as you come in the door. (Seriously, do they put that there to taunt us!)
2. The Greg Olsen artwork that they sell for a limited time once a year.
3. The giant yummy looking pies
4. pomegranate juice
5. The big canisters of gourmet chocolate covered raisins--this item actually used to be on my "always buy" list but I started to really over do it!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

My kids beg to buy the "fudge dipped in donuts" which I believe are the same ones you speak of. We also buy milk, cereal, bread, and fruit - and muffins if we are feeling sassy. Tell ride leader to behave.

Engars said...

Oh how I miss Costco. We only have stupid Sams Club here and it is in no was comparable to the awesomeness of Costco. I will have to live through you, you lucky girl. Ummm...don't you love their hot dogs??? Those were always my favs!

Kenzie said...

Always buy
2.Best wipes ever with flip top.
4.Frozen Hamburger 5 rolls 1 lb each.
5.An article clothing for someone in the family.

Want to buy
1.The 47 inch Vizio TV
2.Something from the jewelry case.
3.Flowers floral or yard
5.Desserts form the bakery

I truly love Costco! Too bad it is 1 hour away.