September 23, 2008

Red Alert

Target Dollar Spot has new stuff today!!! Really cute Halloween and fall stuff, magnetic list pads (great for VTing!), tin pails and buckets, Thanksgiving coloring place mats, cookie decorations, halloween socks and a bunch of other stuff I forced myself not to look at today. Maybe tomorrow.

Also watch out if you are driving down main street in American Fork today. The police are out in full force on their fancy motor bikes. They are running secret missions, sending "pedestrians" through the crosswalk by Papa John's and seeing if you Yield. If you don't you'll be sorry!


Ines said...

Guess where I'm going today???
Thanks for your heads up on the cops. I'll be avoiding Main Street!

Kenzie said...

Your just posting this Target stuff to make me jealous. No need to have a Target in the Logan area, oh no, we will just build a second Wal Mart. Yuck!

Heather J said...

Great, now I have to go. Maybe we could meet for lunch or somthing Thurs, or Fri, then go through the target stuff.

Reed and Nat's Family said...


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

I went today. I love the Target dollar rack. They had cute stuff.
We so need to hang out.