September 23, 2008

What's the matter with Baby Molly?

Just last week, Josh was insisting that I call the doctor's office and ask them what was wrong with our daughter and why wasn't she walking. Not wanting to be laughed at by the medical personnel I used to work with, I put that phone call off. Instead I assured him she would walk when she was ready to. Plus, I was pretty sure she knew how and was just refusing. She's a good mix of us, stubborn and lazy. And what do you know, I was right. Surprise, surprise! She took her first real unassisted steps today and has not stopped.


Just to clarify, nothing is wrong with Baby Molly. Josh is stubborn and I am lazy.


Kenzie said...

Way to go Molly! Slow walkers always turn out to be the coolest smartest, most athletic, best looking people ever. Did I mention that I was 16 months when I started to walk?

Clark Fam said...

Congrats! You didnt need to clarify...we knew right off who was stubborn and who was lazy. We just thought you were talking about Josh. haha
Molly looks good walking.

Sally said...

So cute! I can't wait to see it in person.

Heather J said...

Way to go Molly.

Reed and Nat's Family said...

When you have two or three kids I thought you didn't want them to walk early. Tell Molly Congratulations.