March 1, 2008

8 months

Molly you are now 8 months old and sleeping through the night. yea! Monday was the big day(so much more sad for me than you), you were put down for all your naps awake to prepare you for that night. And you slept until 5am. 5am, who sleeps until 5am and then has to cry themselves back to sleep? You do. I went in twice to try to give you your binky, then just layed there and listened to you cry. It wasn't as terrible as I thought, even though you would stop crying and then start again which is so sad to me. It's like your saying "hey mom aren't you out there, don't you want to come get me?" So you cried one night and that has been it, you have slept through the night ever since. It's only been a week, but it's so much better than up once or twice each night.

Your naps are shorter however, and this makes the day a little longer. We play farm in your room, we play with a basket of toys in the living room, we play in your saucer toy thingy, and yesterday we walked to the park (thank you sunshine). You loved being outside and in your stroller. You watched Gavin ran and play and yelled with delight when he ran up to you.

I am looking forward to warmer days when we can explore outside. Hopefully you will have figured out crawling by then. For now you just push yourself backwards and get so upset because that is not where you want to be. You haven't figured out the get up on your hands and knees part of it. I do think that if you could figure out walking you would just skip to that. Your favorite way to be is standing up. You have been like this since you were just tiny (okay 9lbs isn't really tiny).

I hope this month is one of discoveries for you. If you watch this video you will discover that your love of animals and your dance skillz did not come from me. So far all you got from me is your pleasant disposition and your blue eyes.

Okay apparently the video has too many MB's, I will try again later.

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The Sorensen's said...

Yeah... a new blog!! Cute pictures as always!! P.S. Sorry about the scrapbooking night. My life is crazy, and I had a million things come up that day.(lame) Anyway, lets get together again soon!