March 17, 2008

I *heart* St. Patrick's Day

When we were dating, Josh invited me to go to his families St. Patrick's Day dinner. He came to pick me up and informed me that I wasn't wearing enough green. I thought he was kidding. Turns out he wasn't, his family took wearing green and St. Patrick's Day very seriously. Since then, it has become one of my favorite holidays and I so look forward to wearing green. We have our big family party tonight, so we started celebrating yesterday. We had green french toast for breakfast thanks to the green chickens I found that layed green eggs (insert soundbyte of Gavin saying "you just used green food coloring, there's no such thing as green chickens" in his most I'm-not-believing-you-for-a-second voice). Then for dinner we had chicken and rice with green sauce, peas, lime jello salad, and green koolaid. For dessert, homemade oreos with green frosting, YUMMY! Today I still need to make peanut butter bars and a tray of green candies (gummy apple O's, airheads and jolly ranchers) for the party tonight. The kids are all in their Old Navy shirts and we are ready to party, hope you have a great day and don't get pinched!

This was the only leprechaun available for a photo, the others were either still at school or asleep.


The Sorensen's said...

I love that you guys are so into St. Patricks Day! I made sure we all dressed in green today, and Makae even ate cereal in a green bowl this morning! (I know I am not as festive as you are, but hey it's a start!)

C&HJacobson said...

You are so creative. I wish I were Irish. Are you up for lunch Thurs?????