March 20, 2008

The Simpsons Game, a blog entry in two parts: funny and not so funny.

Part One: FUNNY

{Gavin} Yea, the Simpson's mom has the power to make everyone do what she says

{Me} I want that power

{Gavin} You can't, you don't have a superhero power magazine

{Me} Where do I get one?

{Gavin} I don't know, they just fall out of the sky.


So the Simpsons game is rated "T" for teen and I really didn't care until Gavin full on repeated what Bart said, including the swears. Then it was time for the Simpsons to go back to Gamefly. The next morning Gavin took the game out of the xbox and brought it down stairs to me so we could mail it back. The case was upstairs, so as we were going back up, Gavin, while carrying the cd shiny side up, says "I'm not looking at the front of the game so I won't say anymore bad words". I would say, lesson totally learned.

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