March 18, 2008

Patty's Party

So yeah, St. Patrick's Day dinner is pretty much Thanksgiving in March. It's great! This year was delicious as always. On the menu was corned beef as well as turkey and ham, shrimp boats (baked potatoes halved, dug out and mashed with shrimp and a bunch of other stuff, stuffed back in the potato and baked), green bean casserole, veggie tray, broccoflower, green oreos, rolls, peanut butter bars, and key lime pie. Are you hungry? Here are some pics!

Our food assignment: Green candies and peanut butter bars! The crazy kids! They would not hold still for this picture and Melissa was sitting by me telling them they were ruining the blog pictures!

The rest of the fam!
Melissa enjoying her broccoflower!
Everybody loves an Irish girl!Our little green family!


Camille said...

Looks like a lot of FUN!! I'm glad you commented. I'm really bad at finding people. McKell or Raquel have to tell me someone has a blog before I will look for them. I added you to my list so I will check in often. This is may daily entertainment (how sad huh!!)

Anna D. said...

We went to lunch for my b-day this year and everyone was wearing their green. I said to Boyd "I bet Kellie and Josh are having a great celebration today." I always think of you on st. patricks day