March 10, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Let's play a game.
What will this plant be?

a. tulip

b. daffodil

c. hyacinth

d. your guess is as good as mine since we haven't lived here in the spring

You'll have to stay tuned to find out, what excitement I know!

The blog has some new features you'll want to check out. First is the new playlist entitled "all irish all the time". In honor of St. Patty's which is only a week away! Do you have your $5 shirts from Old Navy? Cause ya should. Okay that's pretty much all for new features.

We want to give a shout out to Grandma Billie, who hooked Owen and Josh up with 12th row Jazz tickets Saturday night! Owen loved every second of it!! And he got a ball from one of the dancers, BONUS!!

While the boys went to the game, Gavin, Molly and I took Grandma out. We went to cobblestone pizza (yummy!) and then to the sticky shoe to see Enchanted. I will be going to see it again (minus kids) or buying it, since I watched the last 30 minutes through a tiny slit between the doors. Guess whose fault that was. Okay, probably mine for thinking Molly would be nice and wide awake and happy through a movie that started at 7:30. Anyway we had a fun time out with grandma and hope to do it again soon!

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Kenzie said...

Sorry I have to leave your blog now because the "All Irish all the time" is causing me to seize. And were was I when Gma Billy was handing out Jazz tickets?