March 4, 2008

Don't bother mommy while she's shopping

Yesterday Melissa and I took our darling children to IKEA. I love IKEA, even though I haven't bought a lot of things from there, I could, and I just like to say IKEA. Go on say it, it's fun. IKEA. Anyway we did get to leave them in the play place so we could wander for an hour in peace, then we had to pick them back up. They are wild and there were too many things to climb on and too many desks to sit in and pretend type at and too many places to run like animals. We seriously should have put our names back on the playland waiting list. I did get this little item that I am so excited about and Owen got this:

That's what happens when you say "mom, hey mom, mom can we get this, this, this and that, mom, hey mom, MOM" fifteen hundered times. The back of my hand, that's what.

JUST KIDDING, come on do you really think I would backhand my kid? Not in public, anyway. Okay for real this time. As we are LEAVING they were playing at the last kid toy thing and he stood up to leave and turned around BASH into a counter that dropped him to the floor. It was so sad, I missed the whole thing (probably yelling at my other kids) but Melissa saw it and she said it was bad.

So we left IKEA on a bad note, but they have both talked constantly about how fun the play land was so we will be back again.

Oh and if you happen to see either of these men please notify the proper authorities.


C&HJacobson said...

Torie and I went to IKEA yesterday too. What the heck. We were there from like 11-1. No accidents though. Whats with the pictures of Josh. The top one looke like that "My name is Earl" guy. HA HA HA

Engars said...

You are hilarious. I wanted to cry for you while reading that because it was like reliving my life every time I go to the freakin store. By the time we leave I have pinched someone at least 5 times (no one can tell you're hurting them when you pinch them) and the kids tell me I am the meanest mom because I have not gotten them the 100 things they decided they wanted...etc. Fun. I do love IKEA though and you will love that cheese grater. They are awesome.

Quinn and Tami Bell said...

You guys are quite the nerds! I love your blog. I didn't even know that you had one, until Kenzie told me to get on hers and look at yours. It is good to see how you are doing.