March 8, 2008

The Black Eyed Peas stop taking pictures of my eye

So I have been a little obsessed with Owen's shiner. Josh wants him to make up bar fight stories, which he will have no part of. I am still a little surprised when he turns around and here's his huge black eye. I grab his face to look at it, amazed how each day it is a new color. Then I grab the camera and take a picture. So here is the progression of the eye, not so bad the first day and yet such a lovely shade of yellowish green today.


Engars said...

That is awesome. Sofie had a horrible one in the summer and it took over a month to go away. Everywhere I went I felt like people where judging my parenting ability. Whatever, I never claimed to be a good parent.

Nana said...

OWEN,DUDE, I LOVE YOUR SHINER!!! That's the best! Aunt Mike