March 13, 2008

An Irish Jig

All morning I have been asking Gavin to dance a jig for me so I could get it on camera and he refused. Finally tonight we were in the basement and he busted loose. First it was breakdancing to The Offspring, then I asked again for a jig and was not disappointed. Enjoy!

You can also hear Molly "wheezing" like an old woman, it's her new thing she does.

Now wasn't that fun!! Unleash your inner leprechaun, turn up "all irish all the time", and dance a little jig and try to tell me you didn't have a smile on your face. Come on, no ones watching and I won't tell!!!


Kenzie said...

So funny! You never know whats going on behind closed doors. :) We will be down over Easter. I will get in touch with you so we can get together.

C&HJacobson said...

I love it! Do you guys do something big for St. Patricks Day? I want to see your jig next time.

The Sorensen's said...

Ha! I love it!! That is going to be so funny to show him when he gets older!! Molly's "wheezing" is too cute!

Engars said...

That was awesome. It might be a little better if they were both drunk but I will leave that part to Josh.