March 30, 2008

9 months?!?

I was thinking it just couldn't be that nine months have passed since my baby was born, and this morning when I woke up to SNOW I knew we were in some sort of time warp continuum and it was still December. Just like I figured, time isn't really passing as quickly as I think it is. My baby isn't growing and changing so fast and I will definitely be able to remember it all. Oh wait, this just in........We live in Utah and this is called spring! How crazy is that!! Now back to mourning the passing of each day in Molly's life so pretty soon it will be 10 months and I'll be sitting here typing about blah blah can't remember, seems like yesterday, boo hoo your getting big same old story stuff. No really I want to change, I want to be better. These monthly updates are for just that purpose. To remember how she is growing and the fun things she has done or accomplished since the last month. Here we go.

My dear sweet Molly,

I would call this month, the month of you getting better at things. You have gotten better at feeding yourself. You have mastered the pincer grasp and concentrate on the cheerios so hard sometimes I think your having a staring contest. You always win once you get them in your mouth. You have also tried so many new solid foods(peas, cottage cheese, peaches and whatever we are having for dinner) and you never spit them out. You like to eat and get mad when you feel like you aren't getting your share. You might get this from me.

You are also getting better at being with other people, although for right now it is just Dad. This is fantastic, I love to see the bond growing between the two of you. When he gets you out of bed in the morning, you are perfectly happy to be held by him, instead of reaching and crying for me. You are getting to the age when he really likes his kids, the age where you can be thrown into the air. You love this, you laugh and kick your legs and can't wait for more. Whenever Dad comes in the house and your sitting at the table, you turn yourself completely around and peek through the back of the chair to see where he is at.

You are still sleeping through the night and your getting better at not waking up at 5 am and having to cry yourself back to sleep. You are usually put down for your naps awake and fall asleep pretty quickly. Sometimes you roll around in your crib before falling asleep and we find you in funny positions. Usually with your blanket over your face and your legs through bars.

You are also better at what I like to call "independent play". The times when I abandon you on the floor so I can get something done, or play on the computer, I get them mixed up. Your favorite toy this week is the big tub of lego blocks. You bang them together, knock them over, and dump them all out. The best part is when I asked Gavin to help me clean them up his response was "I didn't play with them, Molly did".

You have almost started to crawl, no pressure that babies half your size are almost walking. You wave bye-bye with a little coaxing. You say mama and dada in between all your other babblings. You have the sweetest laugh and gummiest smile with dimples(where did you get those?) that I love to hear and see everyday. You love to be outside and see what is going on, and watch the kids run around and do tricks for you. You laugh and clap your hands for them. Your favorite commercial is for the MacBook Air with the lovely song that we sing and sway to.

You are such a delight and bring so much joy to our family. Everyone is so excited to see you and play with you, even if you do bust a fit if they hold you. Your brothers still smother you with kisses everyday and ask constantly to hold you. We love you so much, and I am going to try not to be sad that you are growing up so fast. I am going to think positive and say you are one month closer to being on whole milk.

Love, Mom


Anna D. said...

Sweet Baby! I'm so glad that you have a baby girl. I love having my girls not that boys aren't fun, just different. Time does go by way too fast. Kari will be 2 at the end of July. And Preston turns 10 this year! Can you believe it?


vimahi said...

I may just have to copy this for my cute Tasha - 9 months tomorrow -- So cute and just perfect. You are a great writer/author.